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Nordoba is a company that provides products and services in the field of mobile and web applications. We work with mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. and we develop solutions in many different areas, some examples are CMS, E-commerce, Online booking, events, and more.

Go Mobile

Get a personalized mobile application that can be used either as an efficiency tool internally or as a means of improving your services towards your clients. Examples of internal tools can be mobile CRM, mobile accounting, and mobile work planner while solutions towards your clients can be mobile booking, mobile shopping and marketing through mobile devices. One thing is for certain, not going mobile is not an option!

iOS (iPhone & iPad)

We offer the development of iPhone and iPad applications as one of our main focus in mobile application development. The creation of the app will be completely according to your requirements, using a step-by-step process where you as client are involved and can see the progress of your iPhone/iPad app. Once finished, we offer the option to submit your application to the AppStore as well as maintaining the application.


We always recommend our clients to always cover the two most used mobile operating systems when going mobile: iOS and Android. Android is covering an important part of the market and should be taken into account, as well as iOS. Here at Nordoba, we offer the possibility to get your applications for mobiles all in one place, so you do not need to look further, we develop applications for Android as well.

Content Management System (CMS)

If you are in need of a way to update the content on your website in a quick and easy manner, CMS is the solution that we offer to your business. A CMS is a system which allows you to modify and add new content to your website by accessing an administration interface where you make these changes. You do this without any maintenance shutdowns but directly in live mode.


Would you like to offer your clients the possibility to shop your wares online through a website? We develop e-commerce solutions by either adding this to your already existing website or by developing a completely new website having e-commerce included. The solution delivered to you will follow your requirements and we also offer the possibility to maintain the application for you.

Online booking

There is many organizations that should offer their clients the possibility to book appointments online on their website, these types of companies include dentists, doctors, lawyers, haircutters, etc. Nordoba can offer you this booking solution while you still keep the control over your agenda. Furthermore, to reach your clients, you can increase your services by offering the possibility to book appointments using the mobile phone.

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